‘A Little Life’, Hanya Yanagihara

A Little Life1


New York City. Who wouldn’t like to live, study and work here…Great city with thousand stories to hear, ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of’ as Alicia Keys put it in her song. Among all these emerges the story of four friends shown from different angles, narrated by various characters that touched me so much that after finishing it, every time I opened a new book and started to read it, I had to put it down as I was still under the impression of the mesmerizing story of an amazing friendship.
No other book has played on my emotions as much as this one. It left me tearful so many times that I wanted to put it away, as I couldn’t handle the harshness of the described events. The sadness, the unbearable fear of being rejected, the loneliness created by the author when she tells the story of a boy abandoned in the worst possible way bring up a question: Is it possible for one man to go through so many horrifying ordeals? Or is it a way of emphasizing the fact that no matter what has happened in our life we could survive, as long as we have a devoted friend/s by our side?
For me, this book is a manifestation of friendship and makes me question myself: Wha kind of a friend am I?