You planted
the fear in your head
You water it with thoughts of other people
that you don’t even know exist
You cultivate its soil with the future failures
that you already predicted
It then grows branches that reach your heart
which beats and beats faster
You try to stop them from sprouting
But the fear
gets nourished
with the words
never uttered.

(Aug 2018)


Anima Gemella

Obraz 075


Anima Gemella

Like a spider shaping its delicate yet solid web

We weave our friendship from thousands words

written day after day.

Hundreds roads to reach you…

And the fear that one day it may disappear

Like the thin net destroyed  by a stick

struck by a child.



Is this me?


Is this me?

Looking out of the window

she can see her future:

long hours of longing for

life she will never have,

her smile disappearing

like a fish in  deep cold water…

All that matters

is to leave the room,

which – like thoughts –

keeps her trapped.

(2013, with the help of B.G.)