My first attempt to write a short story ‘published’ in the first edition of LS Digital Newspaper (Open University Literature Society).

Enjoy 🙂

Entry 2 from Alina – titled Stranger

Going abroad. This was something unreal for a girl coming from a small town and a poor family. Boarding a
plane only happened in her dreams. But this time it was reality. She was invited by a friend to come to a
well known town of Oxford to find a job, improve her English and start a new life.
On the plane Maria took a seat in the first row by the window.
‘I can’t believe this is happening!!!’, she thought.
The feeling of excitement was so strong that she could not sit still. She was looking around as if she
wanted to announce to everybody that she was there, she was on the plane, that she was just about to
start her adventure! But after half an hour of gazing out of a little window she got bored and sleepy. She
dozed off.
A few moments later she could hear steady steps that became louder and then their sound suddenly
ceased. She opened her eyes lazily and saw a tall blonde hair man with a shy smile standing over her. He
asked if he could take a seat next to her. ‘Weird,’ she thought, ‘We are already in the air and surely
everybody should have taken their places by now’.
As if he could read in her mind, he said, ‘I have to change the seat, because it is too loud for me in the
middle of the plane’.
Maria just nodded and gave a stranger a quick smile. She was still very sleepy and not really in the mood
to talk. But the stranger did not seem to notice that and introduced himself.
‘I’m Mark. What’s your name?’.
She casually introduced herself and turned her head towards the window. But this did not discourage Mark
to ask some more questions.
‘You look very happy about your first flight, so excited. What do you think about Oxford? Do you reckon
you will like it?’
Maria was startled by his words. She did not mentioned that she had never flown on a plane before. And
who told him that she was travelling to Oxford?
‘I’m sorry, but how do you know where I’m going?!’
‘I just do. Don’t be frightened. It might sound bizarre, but I am here to make sure you feel right about the
decision you have made. You said goodbye to your mother and your little sister and decided to set off on
a journey which you consider will change your life and will enable you to improve theirs. You see, I am your
Guardian Angel who needs to know that you are OK.’, his calm voice slowly reached her and filled her with
anger. Maria looked at the window, so that this strange man could not see how irritated she was. Then she
rapidly turned her head towards Mark to tell him how ridiculous he and his words were, but he wasn’t there
any more!. Instead, she saw a stewardess announcing landing of the aircraft.
‘It wasn’t my Angel’, she thought, ‘It was my conscience telling me that this place is not where I belong.’