Problems with temperature


Day 9.

Night without the helmet due to temperature rise.

Day 11.

Another night without the helmet. LO was moody in the afternoon and had difficulty with taking his late nap. When I took the helmet off in the evening I found out why he wasn’t a happy bunny. His all head was red! After a bath me and my husband covered it with sudocrem and was trying to put him to sleep, which took about an hour as he was very unsettled but finally fell asleep on my lap.

Day 12.

In the morning I contacted our clinician, because I started worrying about the redness on my baby’s head. It turned out that he must have been too hot while wearing the helmet. As advised we left it off for another day and night.

Some days it is really difficult to keep him cool while the temperature changes and when he is so active.

Day 13.

My little boy felt a lot better, all redness nearly disappeared, but again no helmet during the day. We put it back for the night which went quite all right.