Day 7.


We had an appointment at paediatric clinic to check my baby boy’s hips. I was wondering what would be the doctor’s reaction on the helmet. She mentioned  it straight away, asked which clinic we went to see and to my surprise commented that what we did was the right thing. Then we were discussing GP’s approach to flat head syndrome which we agreed to be negligent. It was really nice to meet NHS doctor who took the problem with the shape of our little one’s head seriously.

During the visit at the clinic I also learnt that the flat spots might also indicate some issues with babies’ mobility development. For example (I hope that I explain it correctly), if a baby has her favourite side she turns her head to then she may also use only one side of the body to move or reach things which results in the underdevelopment of the opposite side. So, in my opinion, this should be taken into consideration by GP’s when parents mention the strange head shape of their babies to them instead of being told that this will sort itself out over time.