Day 4.

We took our LO shopping with the helmet on and I was wondering if anybody would notice that he was wearing it.
People did stare and I felt a little annoyed by this, but soon ignored it.

First night with the helmet on went all right. There was nothing unusual during that night, he woke up couple of times as he normally did, but quickly went off. I was so proud of my brave baby.

Day 5.

I realised that I didn’t pay any attention to people’s stares, because I forgot that my baby had a helmet on! It’s amazing how quickly I got used to new circumstance and started considering it as something normal.

The same is with my little boy who seemed to treat the helmet as another piece of clothing that he needed to wear every day and night.

Day 6.

Something funny happened today. I went to a shop and when I was coming near to the till, a women behind the counter looked at my LO and complimented on his hat. Then I took the hood off his head and told her that it wasn’t a hat but a special helmet he needed to wear. She went: Oh! And added that he looked so cute in it.