Worry should be my second name

The day before we were going to pick up the cranial helmet I was full of doubts. Even though me and my husband made a decision to start the treatment there were still lots of questions to ask. Was it really necessary? Would wearing it hurt him? How was he going to play or sleep in it? Did we do the right thing? How would my family and friends’ reaction be?
I had read so many articles for and against the treatment that my head felt like exploding. But I decided to follow my instinct. Seeing and talking to parents of children who had already started wearing helmets also helped a lot, as then I learned that it is not as bad as I expected it to be. And most importantly, I stopped thinking that my child is the only one who needed this therapy. But I had a feeling that he would be the only one wearing the helmet in the place where I lived. And I think I was right.

* * *

Day 1.
The little one wasn’t pleased when the helmet was put on his head. I expected that, as he was never very keen on wearing hats. Seeing the grimace on his face I felt so sorry for him because I thought that it hurt him. On our way back I had second thoughts about our decision. I felt even worse when later during the day I took or rather was clumsily trying to take the helmet off my baby’s head and he didn’t like it.

Day 2.
I was getting better in putting on and taking off the helmet, but my baby boy was still not happy when I started to alter it on his head. Luckily, when it was on, he didn’t seem bothered at all, which for me was crucial.

My friend came to visit me that day and because I hadn’t mentioned to her that my little boy was undergoing helmet therapy I felt a little concerned about her reaction. I was prepared for her to be judgemental; I thought that because I kept blaming myself for my baby’s head shape, so I assumed that everyone would be critical towards me. But it was quite opposite. She noticed the helmet straight away and we started talking about it like it was something we had already discussed before. She was very supportive, which was so uplifting.

Day 3.
My little boy had no problem falling asleep with the helmet during the day and at night time. After putting him to sleep at around 8 pm, he woke up at 11 pm, so I took the helmet off and he fell asleep again. So really I shouldn’t have to worry so much. Today was a really good day.

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