First appointment

Once we chose the best, in our opinion, the clinic, we made an appointment. It turned out that our baby developed not only severe brachycephaly but also plagiocephaly, which meant the flattening at the back and the bulging on the right side of his skull.
We were determined to start the treatment straight away, but unfortunately, the manufacturing site was closed during Christmas and also, the clinician who took all the measurements was planning to go on holiday, so the next appointment was to be in the middle of January. Which meant another month for our baby before he could start wearing a helmet.
But then, I thought, maybe there would be some improvement during the following month? No, there wasn’t.
At the next appointment we found out that the head had grown a bit, but its shape stayed the same. This convinced us even more that our little baby needed the therapy, which he was to start in two weeks.